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Argo’s story

Argo has a chance to walk again. For that he needs to have an expensive operation called a stem cell transplant which costs around 80,000 euros. Please show some kindness and help us get Argo on his feet again!

The medical treatments available for repairing spinal cord injuries or nerve cell damage have not received official approval from the international medical community yet. This means that national medical systems do not fund treatments like this.

However, there are some private clinics in the world that started working on treatments like this decades ago and have hundreds of success stories to tell. One of them is Neurovita Clinic in Moscow. 25 years ago, a former navy surgeon started to look for ways to treat veterans injured in the Afghanistan war.

The clinic has already helped a number of Estonians and almost 500 citizens from our close neighbours Norway and Sweden. In addition, hundreds of people all over the world are treated annually.

I had an unexpected accident on the 17th of December 2015. I had - after a long working day - promised to help a friend move some furniture. The furniture was kept in an old barn and there was a hole in the floor. Stepping into the darkness I fell for about six meters and landed on some rocks. This was when it happened.

I had broken my spine in two places (Th11/Th12) and suffered a spinal cord injury which lead to immediate lower body paralysis. In the following weeks, after being flown from one hospital to another, I heard various diagnoses. Some said I should be able to walk again, others believed the accident had put me in a wheelchair for life.

Those were hard times, both physically and mentally, but I decided not to leave it like that. It was clearly a very serious injury that would most likely take years and some very expensive procedures to recover from. Nevertheless, I was determined to train what could be trained and become as skilled a wheelchair user as I possibly could.

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MTÜ Muutes Maailma is a charity organisation founded by actor Andres Oja. Its mission is to help people with spine and spinal cord injuries whose quality of life could be improved by stem cell transplants.

All over the world, this procedure has given many people with spinal cord injuries a second chance. There are several instances where wheelchair patients have started to walk again after the procedure. Also, there are people with multiple sclerosis, whose disease has stabilised after receiving treatment.

During the treatment, stem cells are harvested from the patient. The harvested cells are processed, frozen and infused to the patient’s blood after chemical treatment. The stem cells travel from the blood to the bone marrow where they will split and mature into blood cells.

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We monitor each project and keep you updated about the donated money and its use.

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